29 Feb 2012


I took these pictures over the summer 2011. Vancouver is beautiful when it's raining! Can't say much more about a bunch of random pictures haha, hope you like them!

26 Feb 2012


Sweater: Urban Outfitters --- Black Dress: Urban Outfitters

Hana Hot again. I took these Pictures earlier today. It was really sunny today in Vancouver but so freaking windy and cold :( I asked Hana nicely to come take quick pictures, lucky for me she likes taking "cool" pictures hehe. Anyway, I recently bought this cream sweater that I am in love with. It's more casual with jeans, and to make it a little more "hipster" I threw it over top of a long black dress. Just trying different things.

25 Feb 2012

Just Smile

Shirt: Vintage --- Jeans: Guess

Hanna Hot.. yes her last name actually is 'Hot'. She's been my best friend since grade 3 and I had to see
 her passport to believe her haha. These were just some fun pictures I took. As you can see the clothes are very simple, I love how the shirt ties at the bottom and the light blue Guess jeans with a brown belt just complete the look.

22 Feb 2012

Come Fly Away

Jean Shirt: Vintage

Akina W. is in these pictures!
We went to Granville Island to buy cute jewellery and had the best gelato ever. It looks like Akina's not
wearing bottoms but she is! She's wearing shorts:) 

Electro Love

This is Cody! He is my boyfriend.
We've been together for over two years, pretty crazy! He's my bestest friend. (so cheesy)
I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago when I was really sick. I was extremely bored sitting at
home doing absolutely nothing. I thought missing school would be more interesting.. but I was wrong.
 Then the idea of taking pictures of Cody came to my head haha. 

16 Feb 2012

A little Story

Okay, so this is me:) 
Nasim Bagheri, I'm 18 and graduating from high school this June 2012.  I always laugh and smile but I can be really serious too. I've always played sports but the last two years aside from sports I've been more interested in clothes and style. I started going to vintage shops and thrift stores. I found really unique pieces and don't get me wrong I love wearing the clothes that I buy but I got more interested in dressing people up and styling them and such. Last year when I bought my Nikon D3100 I started taking photo's of friends that I styled. I also like taking pictures of random things so you will see some of that as well.