25 Mar 2012

The best memories

Last year I decided to plan a grad trip with S-Trip! Planning for the past year to go to Dominican Republic was so stressful but once we all got to Punta Cana it was all worth it. I don't think words can describe how much fun we had. It went by so fast, and we can all say it was the best week of our lives. Although, I took over 300 pictures I chose these as my favourite. 

Our resort was filled with students that could party like no other. During the day my friends and I did amazing activities such as parasailing, boating, tanning, dancing, etc. the best daily activity for most of us was Volunteering at a school. The little kids were amazing. The night life... being at an all inclusive resort things got a little crazy, but the best partying of my life. 

I wish we could go back.

2 Mar 2012

Believe It

Top: Old Navy --- Jeans: Levis --- Bag: Vintage

I got this shirt a really long time ago and now the sleeveless button ups are coming back wooo! Usually my looks are super simple, but I wanna spice it up a bit so maybe you'll see something more 'funky' in the future.

1 Mar 2012


Shirt: Forever 21

Leah O. is in these pictures. Leah's one of my victims, haha. I always do Leah's hair and make up when
 we hang out and if we could find time I take pictures of her. 


Shirt: Vintage ---- Heels: Costa Blanca 

Amy Kim once again. I have a feeling I'll be asking Amy to model my clothes A LOT.
I really enjoy putting clothes together and styling people. This way I can see what it looks like on someone else and I can take pictures too so it's even more fun:) 

Getting Started

Coat: Vintage ---- Shoes: Aldo ---- Shirt: Vintage ---- Bag: Fossel