13 Nov 2012

items for sale

These are some of the items I am selling check them out on my List4All
the link below will take you there :)

7 Nov 2012

work outfit

Booties: Aldo --- Watch: Michael Kors --- Jeans: Urban Outfitters --- Sweather: Thrifted 

Instagram at work and desperately trying to do more posts :(
It's supposed to be sunny and cold this weekend in Vancouver hopefully I can take some pictures. 

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4 Nov 2012

jean and leather

Skin tight leather leggings with a boyfriend jean shirt and an oversized knit cardigan. Super cute and comfortable!

3 Nov 2012

Outfit post

I haven't been able to style anyone and take pictures since July!!! I stared university in September and it's not like what I imagined it to be. I expected it to be difficult but I thought it would be more fun! I had fun at first but then it started getting really serious and the workload quickly increased. I have no time to do what I love doing which is buying clothes, styling and photography. I barely get to see my friends anymore I can't wait till winter break!

Even though there is no time to style my friends and take photos, I still always imagine outfits in my head and I've seen other boggers do this so I'm going to start making outfit collages. I am absolutely in love with these Rachel Comey booties, they're a little pricey but you can wear them with anything.