31 Dec 2012

New Year's Eve

I can't believe it's almost 2013! This year went by so fast. I'm starting my second semester in university next week and I'm super nervous but kind of excited. I hope everyone has an amazing new year! 

28 Dec 2012


The weather has been horrible over the holidays, but Amy and I finally found free time to take pictures! Lots of outfit posts coming soon.. it was only raining a little today so we took advantage of it and shot a bunch of different looks hehe. 

11 Dec 2012


Sneakers: Isabel Marant --- Hoodie: VanCity (dipt) --- Leather Pants: TopShopt

Something comfortable to wear while christmas shopping! 
Leather pants/leggings are really in style right now and look super cute with an army jacket on top. 
This hoodie is from Dipt which is an independent streetwear boutique based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.