17 Dec 2013


I have no more excuses for why I haven't been posting...
One day I will get better at this!!

Jeans: C.H.  -  Sweater: H&M  -  Boots: Frye

19 Nov 2013

15 Nov 2013


I'm wearing all Aritzia.....

Vest: Wilfred - Leather Pants: Wilfred free - Sweater: Wilfred - Shoes: Rachel Comey 

Rhea asked to take photos of me and I was hesitant at first 
but the more outfit posts the better. When I first started blogging 
I rarely ever posted pictures of myself... I would much rather
take the pictures, but I'm getting more comfortable being in them 
now... I still giggle a lot and struggle posing!

14 Nov 2013


Look at this beauty!!!! I'm so happy Rhea and I did this.
Since I've been busy with work and school I haven't really 
tried to do the things I enjoy. I'm always too tired to go out
or hang out with my friends, but after spending the afternoon
with Rhea it made me realize that I gotta make time for myself
and have some fun. 

Crop Sweater: Wilfred - Leather Skirt: Aritzia - Jacket: Wilfred Free

13 Nov 2013


Madi is wearing all Aritzia haha...
It's so hard not to, when I first started I bought something 
every time I worked which was a lot of clothes. I guess 
thats what happens when you work in retail, especially Aritzia. 

11 Nov 2013


Since I work with the most stylish ladies at Aritzia, 
I've decided I'm going to take advantage of it and take 
pictures of them for my blog! Matiya is my first victim

Coat: Aritzia - Pants: Cheap Monday - Shirt: Acne - Shoes: TopShop  

9 Nov 2013


Wilfred: Scarf - Zara: Coat - H&M: Sweater

Love this scarf, so warm and cozy! Some people complain about how
big it is but thats why it's the "blanket scarf"! Great for this cold weather..
you can literally use it as a blanket:P