26 Jan 2013

more shopping

I know it's not necessary to post about purchases, but I haven't had time to take pictures of anyone:( and I've been shopping a little too much. I'm always excited to have new clothes.. but I might need to take a break from shopping before. My excuse the last 2 months for buying everything has been "It's my birthday soon!" and it's true! My birthday is so soon now, next week February 1st. Finally 19, which mean legal to consume alcohol in Vancouver!! This explains the three dresses, but I'm still not sure if I'm even wearing any of them...  

20 Jan 2013

newly purchased

My new purchases today:) I shouldn't be spending this much money, I need to save up more but I just couldn't help it! I love buying clothes and can never have enough. The velvet cardigan was thrifted for $12, Wilfred blazer on sale at Aritzia for $130, the gray blazer is also from a vintage store for $23, Talula cardigan for $60, black crop top for $13 from Sirens, Loose long sleeve from TopShop for $32 I also got that in a lighter gray (so comfortable), Tank from Topshop on sale for $10, Skirt is from Brandy Melville for $30, and last but not least silk Wilfred top on sale for $30. My favourite out of all these is definitely the Wilfred blazer from Arirzia, I've wanted it for a really long time and buying it on sale just made it so much better.

16 Jan 2013

a sweater instead

Sweater: Vintage 

I found this hooded cardigan at a thrift shop for $10. It's supposed to have a belt but since it didn't come with one I cut off the belt loops and I like it like this better anyway:) Nice and cozy!

14 Jan 2013

beautiful world

Coat: Vintage --- Shoes: Aldo

There is this cute vintage store downtown where I always find unique coats. 

12 Jan 2013

new girl

Romper: Sirens --- Shoes: Sirens

This is Christine my manager at work! Work is always fun since Christine and I are good friends :)
She has a super model body so I obviously had to ask her if I could take pictures of her for my blog, and she jumped at the opportunity hehe. 

7 Jan 2013

very casual

I usually buy mens jean shirts because I like them big and baggy, but this time I didn't want it to be very long. Now Hana is a lot smaller than me so it's pretty big on her but still not too long. I found this jean shirt at Urban Outfitters for $65 but I waited a couple of weeks to buy it because their stuff always goes on sale.. and I was right! I got for $30 on sale :)

6 Jan 2013

last one

Jacket: Urban Outfitters --- Watch: MK --- Shirt: H&M 

Unfortunately this is the last post from this day:( 
This was the first outfit we took pictures of and the lighting was really good. We originally wanted to take photos by the water with the city behind us, but the rain was being annoying as usual so we had to stay closer to the car since we were caring bags of clothes with us. I'm hoping to take more pictures soon though!

5 Jan 2013

where is the light

Blazer: Aritzia --- Shirt:H&M --- Boots: Frye

This is when we started losing sunlight and we were't able to do anymore outfits:(
But I did save the first look for last! So theres still one more post coming tomorrow from this day.

4 Jan 2013


Usually fashion bloggers take pictures of their daily outfits, but for me it's a little different.. not only I am behind the camera but I also like to put together the outfits too. So in one day Amy and I did almost 10 different looks. It sounds silly changing outside and carrying bags of clothes out in the rain.. but it happens. Gotta make it work somehow! Theres still 2 more looks coming from this day :P