20 Jan 2013

newly purchased

My new purchases today:) I shouldn't be spending this much money, I need to save up more but I just couldn't help it! I love buying clothes and can never have enough. The velvet cardigan was thrifted for $12, Wilfred blazer on sale at Aritzia for $130, the gray blazer is also from a vintage store for $23, Talula cardigan for $60, black crop top for $13 from Sirens, Loose long sleeve from TopShop for $32 I also got that in a lighter gray (so comfortable), Tank from Topshop on sale for $10, Skirt is from Brandy Melville for $30, and last but not least silk Wilfred top on sale for $30. My favourite out of all these is definitely the Wilfred blazer from Arirzia, I've wanted it for a really long time and buying it on sale just made it so much better.


  1. I love everything! congrats for the blog and the looks! x