15 Feb 2013


Skirt: Vintage/fixed by me --- Shirt: Sirens --- Bag: Thrifted

This is another vintage maxi skirt I cut in half:)

12 Feb 2013

almost Summer?

Coat: Gap --- Skirt: Fixed by me --- Crop Top: Sirens

I love these pictures, they're so Summery. You might recognized this skirt from an older post.. well it used to be a maxi skirt that I got from the thrift store. I bought a bunch of vintage maxi skirts last Summer when they were really popular. This year these cute short flowy skirts are more popular, so I decided to just cut a few of my maxi skirts :)

11 Feb 2013


Blazer: Vintage --- Velvet blazer: Vintage --- Top: Aritzia

It was finally sunny yesterday. Everyone was taking advantage of it because all the parks were packed with people. Too bad it started raining again today.. But I still took advantage of the sun and since my friend Christine was off work we shot a couple of outfits :)

7 Feb 2013

can't get enough

I have two closets (yeah I know I'm a little spoiled) and one of my closets is just for my coat, jackets and blazers. My friends usually always comment on how I have a lot of clothes and I was bored so I decided to look through all my coats and jackets, and I counted a total of 36 of them all together.... hey at least I can either sell some or keep them for a very long time. A LOT of these are vintage, I got a few from my mommy, and some from Zara & Aritzia! I have some more that I didn't take pictures of because I noticed they are very similar to some of these ones.

5 Feb 2013


What's happening to my fashion blog? Well since I haven't been able to take outfit photos, I took some pretty pictures. These two shots were my favourite so I thought I might as well share them :) I'm hoping to take more pictures soon though! I have a bunch of outfit ideas but no one to dress yet.. everyone including myself has been super busy with school and work, and when we do have a day off it's pouring rain!

3 Feb 2013


These photos were taken in the summer of 2012! Because of all the rainy days, sometimes we forget how beautiful Vancouver is. I can't wait till the weather is hot again, there are so many beautiful places to go when it's not raining and cold out. The last photo is of me so photo credit goes to my good friend Hana Hot who's also in the picture above mine. She's a beauty :)