19 Apr 2013

Even though it's still cold outside and I'm still buying jackets... I'm also hoping for the sunshine and buying/making cute skirts. The next photo shoot I do I'm going to use some of these skirts (hopefully it's sunny by then). 

These are some of the jackets I have bought recently. I know it's Spring and Summer is coming soon!! But it's still pretty cold in Vancouver, we have occasional days where it gets sunny. I love the shorter jackets for spring anyway, super cute with jeans and a casual shirt.

17 Apr 2013

These are some of the yummy foods I've had:). I usually instagram some of the things I eat, so follow me on instagram if you like food too. I generally post a lot of pictures on my instagram account since they're just quick ones, and it's a lot easier than blogging.

I know I've been slacking with my blog, but with school and work it's really hard to plan photo shoots with friends. Now that school is over hopefully I can take some pictures before I leave for two months!