24 Jun 2013

home again

I am home again from a long trip! It's been a long time since I've posted, and I know I should at least try to put more effort but honestly having a blog is like having a full time job. The real bloggers that I follow are just so incredible that I can't even say I am a "blogger". I hope one day I can finally learn and become better at what I want to do.

Since it's difficult for me to always do outfit posts I've decided to change up my blog a little bit. It's not just going to about outfits anymore. I always have a camera with me, either my iPhone or my Nikon, I enjoy taking pictures of literally anything. Anything that looks pretty. So just how I have a variety of different pictures on my instagram account, my blog posts will be similar. It'll include the yummy foods I eat, the beautiful places I visit, or anything else really. Of course I will still try my best to do outfits too.

Anyway, lets talk about my trip!!! On May 6th I went to Iran. I decided to fly there alone since my dad has been there for a few months. The flight was insane! I had to fly for 10 hour to Germany first and I had a 7 hour lay over there, then another 5 and a half hour flight to Iran. When I saw my dad at the airport waiting for me it finally hit me that I was in Iran. Going to Iran after 13 years... well it was different. I'll save the rest for another blog post with more pictures;)

ps. It's going to take a lot of posts to finish my story!

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