27 Jun 2013

on the road

The first thing I noticed after leaving the airport was the reckless driving! The first 3 weeks I had to close my eyes every time I got in the car. I ALWAYS put on my seatbelt first thing and got made fun of for it... 

I couldn't help but always scream "watch out!" or "be careful!" but in a way they are being careful... due to having no street rules or since no one obeys them anyway, my dad kept telling me to calm down because if he did slow down or stop for the pedestrians to cross all the cars behind him would crash into him and if he doesn't speed or find his way around the other cars would honk non stop. It's true, as crazy as it was... I was just not used to it. My dad wanted to teach me how to drive standard but I was too afraid, in some situations it's hard to "man up".

On my way home from Northern Iran I witnessed someones death. I couldn't help but cry. I have never seen so much blood in real life. The driving is horrible enough, and on top of it the pedestrians are just too brave. They cross the street where ever they please. On the highway a man decided to cross. I didn't even know it was possible to cross that busy highway... He got hit by a car and the cars windshield shattered. I only saw this man laying on the gravel in a pool of his own blood with a blanket over his head which was also soaked in blood. First time I have ever seen anything like that and I hope it'll also be the last time. (sorry for the gory story.)

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