31 Jul 2013

outfit selfies

haha the awkward selfies! I had these on my phone so 
I might as well share them on my blog! 
Comment below if you'd like to know where 
any of the clothes are from :) 

26 Jul 2013


I've made a lot of shorts for my friends and myself this summer. 
It's time consuming but I usually do it when I'm watching TV. 
It's saved me a lot of money finding vintage Levi's and cutting them into shorts
rather than buying them at a store for $50. 
I already sell my clothes so I was thinking of making shorts and selling them too!

25 Jul 2013

first time

Okay so this is the first time I'm in the pictures for my outfit post! 
I know I look super awkward, but I'm going to practice haha :P
These photos were taken by my lovely boyfriend, Cody. (@60Frorign)

I'm wearing booties from Aldo. Shorts from forever 21 which are actually running shorts 
but they are really thin and comfortable. I found my shirt in my closet from a long time ago
and I cut off the lace on the top. And my jacket is thrifted!

24 Jul 2013

boyfriend jeans

Now that I'm done traveling, I'll try to post as much as I can:) 
I made these boyfriend jeans a couple weeks ago! 
I found these vintage CK jeans fixed up the bottoms, rolled them up, 
and put a bunch of rips in them. They're super comfortable too.

21 Jul 2013

Turkey (last day)

Last day in Turkey! We took a seabus to this beautiful island where there were no cars allowed, so we got to ride horses to go around!! Then we got to have lunch by the water. Later we had a chance to walk around and look at the little shops. The ice-cream was so good I had to have it twice in one day haha. All together Istanbul was such an amazing trip<3

19 Jul 2013

Turkey (part3)

We started our day going to a mall named Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall. Forum Istanbul is located in Istanbul's Bayrampasa district, it's both Turkey’s and Europe’s biggest shopping center. It also had an aquarium!! Turkuazoo is Turkey’s first giant aquarium. I live in Vancouver and the aquarium here is huge so the one in Turkey wasn't big compared the one I've been to in Vancouver and San Diego (Sea World). After seeing the cute fish I went on this crazy ride located outside the mall!! Later we got lunch at the IKEA.


 This was a productive day for sure haha. After the mall we had two hours to change at our hotel then continued our night on a cruise where we also had dinner. I thought it was appropriate to post a few pictures of my dad since most of my trip was spent with him! :P