12 Jul 2013


The first week in Iran my dad, aunt, cousin and myself decided to visit family friends in Northern Iran. It was a six hour drive to this beauty and really tiring but so worth it. Got a great tour and amazing food. 

In Iran women must be covered up but in Northern Iran they weren't as strict as they are in Tehran. So I just wore long dresses, a cardigan and obviously the head piece which I occasionally dropped for pictures haha. It was really weird for me since I've never had to cover up before especially in that heat. When I got back to Tehran it was serious business, I had to wear pants a long jacket and the shall around my head... It was torture!!!! I have so much respect for the women there, and I am extremely thankful.


  1. Your photos here are wonderful, there is something so vibrant about them and they give a great cultural insight into somewhere I've never been. The food does look close to absolute perfection!