16 Jul 2013

Turkey (part1)

This last picture is not taken by me. It is from the link below.

I got to visit Istanbul and those 4 days were the best part of my trip! I had so much fun. Turkey is absolutely beautiful. During the time I was there the anti-gorvernment protests in Taksim Square were taking place. I was told it was going to be crazy and that my dad and I should be very careful, but as usual the news kind of exaggerates things. As you can see I went right in the middle of it during the day and night, and it was more like a huge party! People were gathered together having good food and cold drinks ;) The only thing that was kind of crazy was the last day of my trip when we were trying to leave the hotel to go to the airport, the police filled the streets and they were throwing teargas and a couple landed in front of our hotel lobby haha... interesting experience though! 

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