14 Aug 2013

hey stranger

Meet Narges! She's a cutie.
We got to take quick photos today, 
and i'll probably take more of her very soon:)
She's wearing TopShop booties and leather jacket
and her awesome heels are from Aldo

I've been slacking again with my posts, 
but I've been busy with work and nice weather! 
I just got a new job at Aritzia and it's been amazing so far.
I'm so excited, but it's been stressful I'm not gonna lie 
it's not an easy retail job... feels a lot more professional 
and competitive. This will also be my last week at Sirens 
which was my first retail job, so it's kind of sad:( 
On the plus side I will be buying a lot of new clothes
from Aritzia with my new discount :D

ps. I'm kinda obsessed with leather.

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