30 Sep 2013

work can be fun

I finally wore my Mackage leather jacket the other day!
At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it especially because
it is pricey... but after thinking long and hard about it I realized
 that I had to keep it. I know it'll last me a long time and I 
probably (hopefully) won't have to buy another one for a
while. And honestly the look of real leather is so much more 

I got more people to join me in my mirror pics at work. 
hahaha so exciting!!! xoxo  

28 Sep 2013


These work mirror pics are becoming quite popular haha :P
I'm wearing an ASOS coat, and Aritzia's Wilfred sweater 
and Wilfred Free leather leggings. On my left, I know lauren is 
wearing her new Mackage leather jacket and Kristina is wearing one 
of my favourite Wilfred blanket scarves and her sweater is also from
Aritzia :)

24 Sep 2013

scarf weather

This Wilfred scarf was my first employee purchase at Aritzia,
and now its weather appropriate to wear it :) I love scarves
way too much, and this one is so cozy. The weather is getting
colder - it's very exciting because I love fall/winter clothes
but its also the worst time for my bank account haha... I've
already started spending too much. However, I'm stoked on
my new purchases so I might do a haul:)

ps. my friend Helia took these quick shots with my iPhone
today after school. Hopefully I can use my Nikon soon!

Scarf: Wilfred - Sweater: Babaton - Jeans: Zara - Booties: Aldo

19 Sep 2013

17 Sep 2013

ripped jeans

I wish I could take photos with my Nikon, 
but I just can't find any time to do it right now
and I'm not gonna lie I've been a little lazy... 
With work and school I only get one day a week off, 
and all I want to do is stay in bed! Especially in this weather.
Taking quick mirror pictures at work is what I'll have to do
until I could make my boyfriend take photos of me or
find someone to take pictures of!

ps. MK watch, CK jeans (I ripped up), and thrifted shirt.

16 Sep 2013


Cody and I took a Seaplane to Victoria a couple of weeks ago. 
It was planned last minute but ended up being a such a fun 2 day trip!
We spent time with his family, took a boat taxi, fed some seals, 
and had a yummy dinner at The Keg :)

7 Sep 2013


Weather has been weird as usual in Vancouver... I was getting ready for Fall.
I thought I could start wearing sweaters and jackets soon but apparently it's
going to be warm and sunny all week, which is nice but I think I'm running
out on summer outfits :( 

5 Sep 2013


School has started.... with school and work I barely have free time 
and when I do have free time I just want to do nothing!
The occasional selfies at work will have to do for now:P
My oversized shirt is from Dipt and my leggings are from Aritzia.
They're leather in the front and cotton in the back... super comffy!