30 May 2014

hello again

I've been absent for a long time, and I honestly thought my blogging days were
over... but today has been a rough day and since I have to stay in bed I thought
of blogging my outfit from a couple days ago. 

I went to bed feeling totally fine 
last night, but I woke up around 12:30am with the worst stomach ache... could
not stop throwing up so my mom made me go to the hospital which was the 
best idea. I had two IV's and a few other meds and it helped so much because
I felt soooo sick prior. I have had stomach problems for a long time now, and
I've had a bunch of tests done but they can't really figure it out... getting more
tests done though yaaaay... Anyway, now that blogging isn't over I might start 
posting my Mexico photos!

Jacket, shirt, and pants are from Aritzia :)

31 Mar 2014


The hat wasn't supposed to be serious but then I liked it.
I have my days where I look like a boy but those are the
best days because it means I'm dressed comfortably...

Cody's Hat - Pants: TNA - Shirt: Wilfred Free - Shoes: Vans

26 Mar 2014

date night

Dinner and movie date with my girlies! 
We had dinner at The Purple Olive, because it's really
close to Scotiabank Theatre and it's a reasonable price
and we watched the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel!

24 Mar 2014

yummy in my tummy

I'm no food blogger, and I don't have any legit recipes. 
I mastered a delicious smoothie last summer, which I
had almost everyday... Now that the weather is getting
 a bit nicer I've started making them again!! It's so0o0o0 
good. My friend Akina has awesome recipes on her 
blog (www.thisnewera.com), might also be 'healthier'
But this is how I usually make my smoothies, and it's 
very simple... 

Frozen fruits, yogurt, a little bit of juice and sometimes
I cut up fruits and put them in after because I like chunks lol

15 Mar 2014


The last few weeks have been hectic. I had midterms, I got really sick, missed work, and Jax has been a lot of work (training him). It was refreshing just to go out for a walk yesterday with Cody and Jax. Vancouver is great when the weather is nice... I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful city, but I can't wait to go on a warm vacation when school is done lol. Cody and I have been trying to figure out where to go, I really want to go somewhere where I could relax but also do activities and sight seeing. Hopefully we'll have this trip figured out before my summer classes start, we're both so indecisive :(

I'm wearing the thrifted jeans I put rips in, new blazer from H&M, 
Wilfred top, and my new all black leather Vans!

Shoes: Vans - Leather jacket: Mackage - Jeans: UO

3 Mar 2014

food lovers

I don't usually do food posts but I am a big foodie, and recently 
I've been trying to eat "healthier". I love having pretty food but
I'm not too creative with cooking haha. My best friend Akina
who has an awesome food blog (http://thisnewera.com/) was 
over the other night, and we always eat when we hang out 
so this time we decided to make a nice dinner together...
she did most of the prepping obviously and everything 
turned out so yummy, so definitely check out her blog!!!

26 Feb 2014

all black

I used to love snow when I was younger! Had snowball 
fights and built snowmen with my neighbours. I love 
fall and winter wear because you can do more and
 you can layer clothes, but I cannot wait until 
summer!! Theres so much more you can do when
it's warm out. Especially living in Vancouver, 
we have great beaches and places to hike. 
I'm even more excited now that I have Jax.

Shirt: Wilfred - Jeans: C of H - Coat: Old Navy