29 Jan 2014


Meet Jax!!! 
I have a puppy now... I still can't believe it but it's true.
Cody and I were at pinkberry last Wednesday and I 
said I wanted a little puppy to keep me active since I 
don't go out much. So I randomly searched for dogs
and saw this little guy and immediately fell in love.
My parents and Cody have been asking me what I
want for my 20th birthday, and after seeing jax online
I knew I wanted him. I didn't think it would actually 
happen but it did. It's been a week now and I'm still
in shock. He is a Staffordshire / Red Nose Pitbull.
Such a loving puppy, and really loves to cuddle. 
Hes been getting a lot of love and attention from 
everybody and I hope it stays that way when he
gets big!! No one should be scared of him because
of the bad reputation his breed has.

ps. the more clear pictures are taken by Cody
with his Nikon :)

20 Jan 2014

evil eye

I bought a lot of jewellery while I was in Iran and Turkey last summer.
I haven't really been wearing them since I'm always in a rush getting ready. 
I've always had 'evil eye' jewellery because my mom is Turkish and 
she really believes in that stuff, and I think it looks cool!! But I 
tend to wear more jewellery, especially rings and bracelets in 
the summer time and I'm not really sure why.

Booties: Rachel Comey 

17 Jan 2014

nutella overdose

I went shopping at Costco with my parents! Yes, I spent my 
Friday night grocery shopping with my mommy and daddy lol
and of course I had to take a photo with this giant nutella.

Scarf: Zara 

16 Jan 2014

sneakers and lipstick

I finally have a new blog name!!! Thanks to the people who helped me choose.
The first four pictures are taken with Cody's Nikon he was testing his night shooting 
and it was really cold so I kept moving... they're not perfectly focused.

I'm excited. 

15 Jan 2014

help me choose!

I've decided I want to change my blog name to something 'cool'
Ever since I started blogging I've been trying to find a name and
it's actually really hard to think of the right one... There are four
names I'm trying to choose from right now

1. island in the rain, which is inspired by the song island in the sun 
but since it rains a lot in Vancouver I switched the words.

2. her picture book, now I originally wanted it to be 'my picture book'
but a lot of names are taken and I have to change things up... 

3. her public closet, same thing I also wanted 'my' in there instead! And
I'm not too sure about this name because I don't want it to be just about 
clothes, even though I post mostly outfits I also love travel and food 
photos too.

4. sneakers and lipstick, I don't know if you've noticed but I always wear
lipstick and I usually wear sneakers so theres an idea...

13 Jan 2014

toque day

Cody took these pictures of me today after class! 
I almost always wear sneakers obviously because they are the most 
comfortable footwear, but I own A LOT of nice shoes too. It's like I'm
collecting them and they just sit in my closet... I can't help it, I love shoes
but I can only wear booties for a couple of hours. I don't know how the
girls I work with can do it all day! One day i'll train my feet to take the pain. 

Sweater: Aritzia -  Jeans: Citizens - Blazer: Zara - Shoes: Nine West

11 Jan 2014


I've been wearing these leather sweatpants a lot... they're so conformable!!
A couple of days ago Cody and I went to a new sandwich place called Basil's Subs 
and the sandwiches are huge. I could only finish half of mine, but the great thing 
about eating out with Cody is he always finishes my food since I
don't like wasting it... He can eat A LOT.

4 Jan 2014


k so I accidentally deleted some photos that I wasn't standing sideways in... 
silly me. I got new Nike Air Max's which I love because they're so comfortable
 and I can wear them all day at work. I also recently purchased the Wilfred Free
leather pants! I think they're pretty cool even though I kind of look like a boy in 
these pictures :P