29 Jan 2014


Meet Jax!!! 
I have a puppy now... I still can't believe it but it's true.
Cody and I were at pinkberry last Wednesday and I 
said I wanted a little puppy to keep me active since I 
don't go out much. So I randomly searched for dogs
and saw this little guy and immediately fell in love.
My parents and Cody have been asking me what I
want for my 20th birthday, and after seeing jax online
I knew I wanted him. I didn't think it would actually 
happen but it did. It's been a week now and I'm still
in shock. He is a Staffordshire / Red Nose Pitbull.
Such a loving puppy, and really loves to cuddle. 
Hes been getting a lot of love and attention from 
everybody and I hope it stays that way when he
gets big!! No one should be scared of him because
of the bad reputation his breed has.

ps. the more clear pictures are taken by Cody
with his Nikon :)

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