15 Jan 2014

help me choose!

I've decided I want to change my blog name to something 'cool'
Ever since I started blogging I've been trying to find a name and
it's actually really hard to think of the right one... There are four
names I'm trying to choose from right now

1. island in the rain, which is inspired by the song island in the sun 
but since it rains a lot in Vancouver I switched the words.

2. her picture book, now I originally wanted it to be 'my picture book'
but a lot of names are taken and I have to change things up... 

3. her public closet, same thing I also wanted 'my' in there instead! And
I'm not too sure about this name because I don't want it to be just about 
clothes, even though I post mostly outfits I also love travel and food 
photos too.

4. sneakers and lipstick, I don't know if you've noticed but I always wear
lipstick and I usually wear sneakers so theres an idea...

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