31 Mar 2014


The hat wasn't supposed to be serious but then I liked it.
I have my days where I look like a boy but those are the
best days because it means I'm dressed comfortably...

Cody's Hat - Pants: TNA - Shirt: Wilfred Free - Shoes: Vans

26 Mar 2014

date night

Dinner and movie date with my girlies! 
We had dinner at The Purple Olive, because it's really
close to Scotiabank Theatre and it's a reasonable price
and we watched the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel!

24 Mar 2014

yummy in my tummy

I'm no food blogger, and I don't have any legit recipes. 
I mastered a delicious smoothie last summer, which I
had almost everyday... Now that the weather is getting
 a bit nicer I've started making them again!! It's so0o0o0 
good. My friend Akina has awesome recipes on her 
blog (www.thisnewera.com), might also be 'healthier'
But this is how I usually make my smoothies, and it's 
very simple... 

Frozen fruits, yogurt, a little bit of juice and sometimes
I cut up fruits and put them in after because I like chunks lol

15 Mar 2014


The last few weeks have been hectic. I had midterms, I got really sick, missed work, and Jax has been a lot of work (training him). It was refreshing just to go out for a walk yesterday with Cody and Jax. Vancouver is great when the weather is nice... I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful city, but I can't wait to go on a warm vacation when school is done lol. Cody and I have been trying to figure out where to go, I really want to go somewhere where I could relax but also do activities and sight seeing. Hopefully we'll have this trip figured out before my summer classes start, we're both so indecisive :(

I'm wearing the thrifted jeans I put rips in, new blazer from H&M, 
Wilfred top, and my new all black leather Vans!

Shoes: Vans - Leather jacket: Mackage - Jeans: UO

3 Mar 2014

food lovers

I don't usually do food posts but I am a big foodie, and recently 
I've been trying to eat "healthier". I love having pretty food but
I'm not too creative with cooking haha. My best friend Akina
who has an awesome food blog (http://thisnewera.com/) was 
over the other night, and we always eat when we hang out 
so this time we decided to make a nice dinner together...
she did most of the prepping obviously and everything 
turned out so yummy, so definitely check out her blog!!!