30 May 2014

hello again

I've been absent for a long time, and I honestly thought my blogging days were
over... but today has been a rough day and since I have to stay in bed I thought
of blogging my outfit from a couple days ago. 

I went to bed feeling totally fine 
last night, but I woke up around 12:30am with the worst stomach ache... could
not stop throwing up so my mom made me go to the hospital which was the 
best idea. I had two IV's and a few other meds and it helped so much because
I felt soooo sick prior. I have had stomach problems for a long time now, and
I've had a bunch of tests done but they can't really figure it out... getting more
tests done though yaaaay... Anyway, now that blogging isn't over I might start 
posting my Mexico photos!

Jacket, shirt, and pants are from Aritzia :)

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